Prosecution, Enforcement & Asset Recovery Services

Our specialists with a combined 70 years of Trading Standards experience including financial investigation and prosecution offer a comprehensive prosecution, enforcement and confiscation service.

When a breach requires prosecution

We have a wealth of experience in dealing with a variety of consumer protection and Fair Trading, Food, Product Safety, Animal Health and Welfare; Age-Restriction offences; and Weights and Measures Trading Standards matters. The team is experienced in investigating and prosecuting large scale fraudulent trading cases, notably lettings agents, renewable energy and counterfeiting


Our team have a combined 70 years of Trading Standards experience including specialist financial investigation and prosecution. Their work is supported by respected subject matter experts in Essex County Council’s Trading Standards Service, and ELS’ civil and criminal litigators and advocates with higher rights of audience.


We conduct cases at all levels in the criminal court from the Magistrates to the Court of Appeal, as well as cases in the civil courts for enforcement orders under Part 8 Enterprise Act 2002. Our Accredited Financial Investigator undertakes financial investigation under Proceeds of Crime Act 2002. We support cases in all stages of the investigation through to the confiscation of criminal assets, ultimately enabling the prosecuting authority to recover incentivisation.


Prosecution, Enforcement and Confiscation Brochure

Our brochure outlines the service we provide to Trading Standards.


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